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Syntax Error #55 - 2002-04-25 Download: hq | lq
Title: Artist: Year:
Syntax Error Jingel [mp3] Dentoid (Anders Stenberg) 2001
Chala Head Chala (Dragon Ball Z) [mp3] n/a n/a
Solomon´s Key (1/26) [nsf] Michiharu Hasutani/Tecmo 1987
Duke Nukem [mp3] Megadeath n/a
Jazz (Zyconix) [mod] Henry Jackman/Accolade 1992
Ghost ´N Goblins (2/2) [sid] Mark Cooksey/Elite 1986
Mutants (1/2) [sid] Fred Gray/Ocean 1987
Zoolaphobia (Zool Title) [mod] Patrick Phelan 1992
Zoolrave (Zool) [mod] Patrick Phelan 1992
Bandle Bubble Live [mp3] Tatsumakisenpukyaku 2000
Test Drive II-The Duel [mod] Kris Hatelid 1989

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