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These are the characters "working" with Syntax Error™. Some of them work harder with it than others. :)
Sol is running most of the things and is also the one that started it all. At an age of 24, he's done lots of things but nothing can compare with Syntax Error™. He is the man pulling the strings and the voice you hear in the radioshow. At the moment he is studying at the University of Lund. He is always looking for more work so just "beep" him.
Hiro joined Syntax Error in the spring 2003 to take over the place as a new sidekick to Sol. Chip was away to much to be a regualar guest and this job now became Hiro's. Unfortunately Syntax ended soon after Hiro's entrance so his "fifteen minutes of fame" didn't became very long. Otherwise Hiro is a dedicated videogame-collector which you'll find at or his own page
Chip is maybe the worst thing that's happened to Syntax Error™... or not? An energic little, hairy guy that likes to tease everybody. He tries to help Sol as much as he can, but often it just ends in disaster. And yes, he is green since birth.
This is the man running The man you should thank for all those syntax-error.mp3's out there. Maybe you'll run into him at a demoparty somewhere in the future. And no, he isn't smoking on the picture, he is drinking something.
Dentoid has made the wonderful intromusic to Syntax Error™. Unfortunately he's very busy now and have no time for jingels and stuff. Studies Media Technology & Engineering at Linköping Institute of Technology. Hates water above all other things even though his body mostly consists of it.
Laxen supplies Syntax Error™ with music from his giant gamemusic FTP. If you want to start your own FTP containing gamemusic please contact us/him or

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