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Syntax Error™ was a small show in a radioprogram called Frank in the Swedish radiochannel P3. You could hear it every Tuesday at 19:30. It was about 10-30 minutes long. We played music from this point of view:

Syntax Error's Music Manifesto


Music from Video- & Computer-games.


Music from Demos, Demoparties, Cracktros and so on.


Music from Anime, Cartoons, TV-Series & Movies.


Music that sounds retro.


Alternative music llike Synth & Laserdance.


Music that's oldschool.


Music that's NOT mainstream.


Music that Syntax Error™ likes.


Music that You are making.


Fuck this, we play all that's cool!

(Frequently Asked Questions)

How did it all start?

It all started in the summer of 2000. The radioshow "Frank" allowed people do whatever they want on every Wednesday in a half-hour called "Frankerat". I wrote a mail and asked if I could do a show about gamemusic from Commodore 64 and Amiga. They thought it was a great idea and on the 17 of May 2000 it went on the air. They received over 80 mails after the show! I didn't want to push them and asked kindly if I could do a follow-up. They had already been thinking of that to my relief. After the second show I started calling it "M-P3". They then decided that I could do one show every month, and so I did. Until the February of 2001 when they decided to pay me for freelancing for them and make a show every week. Syntax Error was born!

Why did it all end?

The last episode (number100) were an hour long and after that the show ended in autumn 2003. Already in the spring Frank's new producer started to shorten down Syntax Error's length and he finally stopped the broadcasting of it the same year. But why? I don't think that anybody really knows why. Probably just because he wanted to show everybody that he is an asshole with an extremely unpleasant voice and that he thougth he could do better radio. Well he thought wrong, extremely wrong, he sucks! Maybe Syntax will be back sometime, somewhere in the future, until then use the internetradio that you will find under "Links".

Do you know any other questions, that should be here? Please mail.

Thanks to:

Jan Warnstam (For helping me with the transparency of the logo.)
My sister Helena Sunhede (For teaching me HTML.)
Mattias Karlsson (For helping me with questions about HTML.)
And all of you out there supporting Syntax Error™.

If you want to contact Syntax Error™, please write to this adress: thomas DOT sunhede AT gmail DOT com.

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