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Need some gamemusic? You've got it here! The rating is just so that you'll se what's interresting and what isn't. If you know any site that you miss here, please mail.

Links to sites with gamemusic archives:

Name: URL: Comment: Rating
HVSC The biggest Commodore 64 music archive.
ASMA Atari XL & XE music archive.
SNDH Atari ST, E, TT & Falcon music archive.
YM Atari ST music archive.
SC68 Amiga & Atari music archive.
NSFC Nintendo 8-bit music archive.

Links to sites with game/demoscene-music:

Name: URL: Comment: Rating
Back 2 Roots Amiga music/games/demos etc. GREAT SITE!
Zophar's Domain Music from Nes, Snes, Megadrive...GREAT SITE!
Modarchive Tons of mods. Mostly demoscene.
Micromusic Weird community for demoscene musicians.
Chiptune Site with all sorts of tunes from various games. Sids with a good searchmachine.
Overclocked Remix Remixes of all kinds of gamemusic. GREAT SITE!
Video Game Music Archive Midifiles to games. Works great with Sony Ericsson mobile phones!
RPGamers Network Serverbased with lots of new soundtracks,
Little Green Desktop The world's largest Atari ST website. GREAT SITE!
Remix.Kwed.Org Commodore 64 Remakes. Real Laserdisco at this ugly site.
The Amiga Game Music Lair Good site with Amigatunes and pictures.
Plopbox Various chiptunes.
Exotica Lots of different Amiga files.

Gamemusic composers:

Name: URL: Comment: Rating
Chris Huelsbeck Cooky, but good.
Barry Leitch Great composer.
Allister Brimble From Amiga and forward...

Demoscene composers:

Name: URL: Comment: Rating
Great artist.
Tomas Danko Mostly known for "Complications" :)
Jogeir Liljedahl Famous demoscenemusician. Lots of tunes.
HT Goto80 & Niemo in the project HT, Swedish comedy-chiptunes.
Glejs Trackermusic, techno, gamemusic and Final Fantasy-covers.
Red Devil (Emil Helldin)/Fairlight-Sidremixes and som instrumental stuff.
047 Great weird chipmusic clan.
Instant Remedy (Martin Andersson)-Mostly C64-remix.
Mempheria Trackermusic-dude.
Jan Warnstam Chip, techno, drum 'n bass etc.
Machinae Supremacy Great metal with C64-influences. Fantastic site too!
Deafguy Great LSDJ-tracker.
1up Chips by Daniel Aurell.
SlagsmÄlsklubben Another great weird Swedish chipclan.

Game/demoscene-music radio on the net (streaming):

Name: URL: Comment: Rating
OC Remix @ Overclocked Remix-tunes in a Swedish weradio.
Nectarine Radio Nectarine, demoscenemusic.
Kohina 8/16-bits oldschool music.
Radio Legion Swedish streamingsite. Oldschool but not "hardcore oldschool"...
Gaming FM 4 different channels: oldschool, modern, PC & all consoles.
SLAY Radio's own radiostation with mostly C64-music.  
SouthPole Radio Italo disco.

Game Collectors:

Name: URL: Comment: Rating
List My Games Lots of Swedish collectors.


Name: URL: Comment: Rating
Arcadetones Gametunes to Nokia Cellular Phones.
Swedish Emulation News Sweden's only emulator site?
Nesworld Great Danish site about the NES.
All Game Guide Info about almost all games. But poor Amiga info :(


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