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Syntax Error™ has figured in lots of media in Sweden. This is a list of them, if you know anyone more please mail.


Date: Media:

PM wrote an article that was published in the following newspapers (in some more too, but I don't know which):

??-??-2001 Nordvästra Skånes Tidningar
10-07-2001 Sundsvalls Tidning
??-??-2001 Kristianstads Bladet
??-??-2001 Ystads Tidning
??-??-2001 Metro

Other magazines/peoples that have written articles:

08-09-2001 Chili
??-01-2002 Preview '02
29-11-2001 Manual
10-01-2002 Aftonbladet Puls
14-04-2002 Dagens Nyheter
??-??-2000 Super Play
??-05-2002 Ny Teknik
??-??-2002 Martin Olsson, Journalisthögskolan i Göteborg


??-??-2002 The frontpage at



Local Radio somewhere in Sweden (forgotten where).

24-10-2002 Kulturen in Gotlands P4 (Also 25-11-2002)



Musikbyrån SVT

01-02-2001 Östnytt SVT (2 min 5 sec)


Syntax Error can play at your party, congress, happening or gathering. Most likely we won't play if we don't get paid due to high costs for traveling, food etc.

Place: Date: Comment:



AmiGBG 2004


Navet, Lindholmen, Göteborg 2004-04-03 Not confirmed yet!!!
SRC Idea Meeting Radiohuset, Stockholm 2002-05-22


Participated in an idea meeting about the webbased channel SRC's future. And played some tunes in the break.

Bröderna Olssons, Stockholm, Sweden 2002-02-07


Game developers gather at this pub every Thursday. Really nice but only so much money that I could afford the trip to Stockholm.

Dreamhack 2001 Tipshallen, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden 2001-12-0?


Yeah! At 4:30 in the morning it started and lasted for 2 hours. The people at the world's biggest demoparty either loved it or hated it. Too bad that the audio technician was a real first-class asshole. No money for this one.

Interactive Studios Opening Gutekällaren, Visby, Sweden 2001-12-??


The opening of the Interactive Studio on Gotland. This one sucked really hard. I was only in it for the money, in one hour I earned 1000 sek.

Arcade Systems Go! Björkanderska, Visby, Sweden 2001-07-??


An interactive art exhibition. The first live show ever. A success with children, an old couple and a drunk dancing into the night. Approximately 2-3 hours of pure game and scene music. Got paid really well.


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