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M-P3 #4 - 2000-11-01 Download: hq | lq
Title: Artist: Year:
M-P3 Jingel [mp3] Dentoid (Anders Stenberg) 2000
After Life [xm] MiKeY MusiC n/a
Outrun [mp3] Instant Remedy (Martin Andersson) 1998
Parodius (13/32) [spc] n/a n/a
2nd Reality [s3m] Purple Motion (Jonne Valtonen) 1993
Fountains of Sighs [mod] Unreal (Wojtek Podgorski), Scorpik 1995
Castlevania (Vampire Killer) (2/54) [nsf] n/a 1987
Anal Overload [sid] Addict (Antti Piiranen) 1996
Smooth Criminal [gym] n/a
Orginal: Michael Jackson
Stalkers Heaven "The Zone" (chip radio edit) [xm] Belderoon (Kalle Jonsson) 2000
Prelude (Final Fantasy III) (2/65) [nsf] Nobuo Uematsu 1990
Still more fighting [it] Spongemop
Orginal: Nobuo Uematsu
Aeris Theme Orchestra [CD] Nobuo Uematsu 1997
Uematsu spc-mix (Epitaph [FF VI]] Dance [FF V] Fireburg [FF MQ] Town 2 [FF V] Sa [spc] Thomas Sunhede, Bertil
Orginal: Nobuo Uematsu
Eyes on me (Final Fantasy VIII) [CD] Nobuo Uematsu, Song by: Faye Wong 1999
One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII) [it] Seraph-sama
Orginal: Nobuo Uematsu
X-Out (14/43) [sid] Michael Hendriks 1989

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