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M-P3 #2 - 2000-07-19 Download: hq | lq
Title: Artist: Year:
Ferrari Formula One [sid] Barry Leitch 1989
Apotheosis [xm] Dentoid (Anders Stenberg) n/a
IK+ (International Karate Plus) [sid] Rob Hubbard 1987
Monty on the run (1/3) [sid] Rob Hubbard 1985
Gerry the Germ (1/7) [sid] Rob Hubbard 1986
Last Ninja
(orginal: Ben Daglish & Anthony Lees) [mp3]
Instant Remedy (Martin Andersson) 1998
Shooting Star [12"] Coretex (Jonathan Gremyr) 2000
Turrican 2 (Intro) [tfmx] Chris Hülsbeck 1991
Turrican 2, 5 [tfmx] Chris Hülsbeck 1991
Disney's Duck Tales (The Moon) [nsf] n/a 1989
Crashman (Mega Man 2) (5/24) [nsf] Ogeretsu Kun, Manami Ietel, Letel, Yuukichan´s Papa 1989
Battle Squadron (ingame) [cus] n/a n/a
Papaya Coconut [mp3] Goto80 (Anders Carlsson) 2000
Parappa Theme (Parappa the Rapper) [mp3] Matsuura Masaya 1997
Jump & Run 2 [mod] Elef Tsiroudis n/a
Super Mario 3 (32/60) [nsf] n/a 1988
Mega Man 2 (11/24) [nsf] Ogeretsu Kun, Manami Ietel, Letel, Yuukichan´s Papa 1989

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