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Congratulations, you have reached This site was (and still is) a complement to the radioshow Syntax Error™ in the Swedish radiochannel P3. Please feel free to move around and explore the site.


7 February 2024

The site is now fixed, trained and updated. Searching and downloading episodes and songs work again.

24 January 2017

No news in seven years? So what's up? Most links below are dead nowadays. I have written some books about video games that you can find here: The only Facebook page that's up is this one: and in my new project I review old CRT TVs for gaming purposes at: Of course I will attend Retrospelsmässan and Nordsken this spring. Also there just might be a new Syntax Error episode on the way in 2017...?

4 August 2010

Even Syntax Error has it's own Facebook group now, join it here!

11 March 2010

No news for almost three years... Well now there is: my new fantasy novel is out in Swedish! Join the main characters ”Ohan & Moog” at Facebook here, and you might even win the book! Only 100 copies has been made in this first print! 250 SEK including shipping within Sweden. Order it here:

5 December -07

Nothing to do? Well, why not help me with my paper and vote for your favorite 6th generation video games console here: VOTE!

4 January -07

CORRECTION! There'll be a new episode of Syntax Error in Frank's last show the 19th of January 2007 (Not December!) So, widen your ears, tune in P3 at approx. 18:30 and enjoy. This one is dedicated to all fans out there!

21 September -05

Time flies, and during that time there was around 1.5TB of downloads from our BitTorrent. Since the start there has been around 10TB of download from our mirrors, this page and the BitTorrent!!! I just have to say, keep up the good work ;).

19 November -04

Updated the joystick site, added the "Sega Arcade Power Stick II" + some more.

21 August -04

There is a BitTorrent online for you that want to download all of the episodes without having to click everywhere ;) (It also saves a bit of our bandwidth) Check the download page for more info.

23 April -04

Sol is looking for a free server for his new project. It must be able to handle .asp-files. Just mail if you want to help, you'll find the address at the bottom of this page.

2 April -04

New updates on possible the greatest "joystick archive" on the net. Some of the news is "CDTV Remote Controller", "CD-i 3-Button Arcade Pad" and finally the classic "Slik Stik"!

14 January -04

Updated all pages on the site today, finally. And I also discovered that the shows still are very good, apart from my voice... :P

2 January -04

Happy new year, all Syntax Error fans.
To celebrate the chistmas and new year we made the
composers page better with working search functions and an management system that will bring more updates in the future.
Thanks to John "FPrefect" Kjellberg for coding the database and search funktions.

23 November -03

New mp3 files are online, some episodes has been updated with new fresh files and episodes 91, 97-99 has been added. The mirrors are currently beeing updated, but if you cannot find the mp3 file on one mirror, try another.
The low quality mp3 files are not done yet, will add them when I get the time.
We are also looking for the Syntax Error episodes 74 and 75 as these has gone missing. If anyone got recordings of the episodes plase contact fred at

21 November-03

Check out my new project at Not much yet but a nice picture at least. Use a Pop-Up Stopper if you can.

17 August -03

Syntax Error's vacation is over. And will soon be back with four new episodes. Sadly, probably the last episodes ever, due to changes in the radioshow Frank and a producer that doesn't like 'em very much... But we will still kick ass on the internet and maybe we'll show up in SVT instead ;) Keep your fingers crossed and let go of my neck, Chip!

17 July -03

Eleven new episodes was uploaded today, it will take some time for them to reach all the mirrors, and if you cannot download from your favorite mirror just check back later and try again.

30 May -03

If you are an active visitor you may have noticed that there has been some updates in the playlist department (on the download page). The helpful soul behind the updates is Henrik Jensen, great thanks for the updates and keep them coming.

12 May -03

Lord Nightman provided us with a new mirror today, not as fast as the others but reliable.
I (Fred) also provided a small server as last resort.

4 May -03

Erres has provided us with a new download location, horray!!.

Now you can select different servers to download from when downloading episodes, there are also some changes on the playlist pages.

We are also looking for someone with a bit of spare time to help us get the playlists on this webpage up to sync. Swedish language, skill in searching on the Internet and computer music knowlege is required. If you are interested, send a e-mail to Fred

20 February -03

The mp3 collection is now hosted by DatorSektionen of the university in Jönköping, many thanks to them!

17 February -03

Due to some difficulties with the server hosting the Syntax Error episodes we are currently looking for new hosting. If you have the bandwidth that will save the Syntax Error mp3 archive from going offline please send a mail to Fred!

12 February -03

Don't miss the one-hour special "Syntax Error Turbo Duo", now on Saturday at 20:03 in "P3 Experiment" at SR P3!!! Sol, Chip & Hiro will kick ass in the studio!

22 January -03

Yeah, it's true! Chip from Syntax Error and Inge from The International Noise Conspiracy are real good friends. They played together at Effes in Visby last year. Rumors says that they might have a romance going on too.

20 January -03

The mp3 files is up again, now on a fast line thanks to Martin "Brother" Bagge. I hope that this will work alright. If you have any suggestions or questions don't hesitate to send an e-mail.

6 January -03

Syntax has moved to a new server. And gotten a new associate in Andreas "Hiro" Karlsson. Sol, Chip & Hiro is planning an one hour long show that will be in P3 sometime at the end of January or the beginning of February. Stay tuned!

15 November -02

Listen boys and girls! Syntax Error needs a partner in the studio for a new one-hour pilot show in SR P3. Do you want to work with Sol, Chip and all of those funky tunes? Read more about it here: jobba_med_syntax.txt (Only in Swedish)

5 September -02

A new page is added: joysticks.html. Still under construction but enjoy it anyway!

4 September -02

Thank you Hitatchi for making the world's lauziest harddiscs. Updates on this site haven't been avalible and lots of things are missing. And in the radio there's replays.

14 August -02

Need some games, maybe you'll find them here? These are games, computers and consoles I am selling, check it out: for_sale.txt I'll try to update it as often as I can.

13 July -02 is finally on line! Some upgrades are made and some will come soon.

17 May -02

2000-2002, Syntax Error and its precursor M-P3 celebrates 2 years in business! Look out for pictures from the party...

19 April -02

This site is up and running for the very first time. Use until I have enough money to buy the right URL.

18 April -02

After 3 days of frustrating work, I finally got the logotype right. Yeah, I kick ass!

16 April -02

Started working on this site. is not yet purchased but I have a deal with the owner.

If you want to contact Syntax Error™, please write to this address thomas DOT sunhede AT gmail DOT com.

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