An OS (operative system) to Nintendo's 8-bit? Is it a dream or just fake?

This is what we think, the main menu.

We have stolen some pictures from the japanese company Mayaku that are developing NinOS. Unfortunately there is no info about the company anywhere on the internet. But it looks great, doesn't it?


Get to know the interface.

It looks like you will use a original control pad instead of a mouse. That's really exiting, wonder if it will work? Let's just hope they are developing something real smart.


A picture of the Beta Version cartridge.

The date says 2002-04-30 and the text "Nin OS BETA VERSION". Or is this a fake cartridge?


The only console it will work to.

Will this videogame gain new life? As soon as we'll get a hold on any new pictures they will appear here. Until then have your ears and eyes watching out for NinOS and Mayaku.


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