Here you can learn how to modify your NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) so that you can play foreign games on it. You maybe have noticed the text "This Game Pak cannot be used with the Mattel or NES versions of the Nintendo Entertainment System.™" that's on every European cartridge (except English & Italian, that says the opposite). Thanks to BMK (Martin Karlsson) who taught me this.


1. Please get a hold on an European NES (this one is Mr. PE1165265).

2. Use a screwdriver to get rid of the plastic hood.

3. Behold the Power! Just look at the light it spreads around itself, after you taken of the metal shield.

4. Lose the plastic flip-flop.You may have to lift up the circuit-card to do this. Don't forget the screwes in the upper right corner.

5. Take up the circuit-card and flip it over. Lose the metal shield under it and the contacts to the controllers. If you are strong you can also lose the big blue contact, but it isn't necessary. At the picture above you'll see the chip (3195A, 9026 A) that's gonna need some surgery. (NB! I don't know if the chip has the same name in all versions.)

6. You've reached the first and only hard point. You'll need to cut of the fourth leg of the chip. Use a really small pair of scissors or something like it. And remember to just cut of one leg. After that it's just to put it all together again, you have modified your NES!

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